Panitch: Time to decriminalize payment for sperm, ova and surrogacy | Ottawa Citizen

A private member’s bill has just been proposed that would eliminate Canada’s prohibition on payment for sperm, ova and surrogacy. And it’s about time. The bill, brought forward by Liberal MP Anthony Housefather, takes aim at Canada’s Assisted Human Reproduction Act (AHRA). According to the Act, “trade in the reproductive capabilities of women and men, and the exploitation of children, women and men for commercial ends, raise health and ethical concerns that justify their prohibition.”

Housefather’s bill repudiates this claim, and rightly so. Why should Canadian citizens suffering from infertility be denied the same opportunity to build a family that fertile Canadians enjoy? Bans on payment for sperm, ova and surrogacy decrease the opportunities of Canadians with fertility issues, and of those in the LGBTQ2 community to build families, and this is unfair.